Purple God

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Indica = 80% – Sativa = 20% THC = 23%

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This top shelve indica is pure relaxation with a euphoric twist. The nice bud structure and deep smoke will give you a moderate-strong heavy body sensation and a sense of spiritual uplift. Purple God Bud Marijuana strain is loaded with frosty white THC crystals and is dense with resin trichromes.

Purple God Bud is a blessing from the heavens above, a gift from the creator himself to the medical patients of the 21st century. Dense, dark-green and purple flowers and a healthy level of “bling” make it impossible to touch this medicinal strain without your fingers getting sticky.

1 review for Purple God

  1. Danny Alexander

    Danny Alexander (verified owner)

    It’s tough to leave a review for this as the description pretty much says it all. The only thing I would add is more attention the the taste or flavour. It’s very earthy, plain tasting, however still delivers an above average high.

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